I graduated General Medicine in 2016 from People’s Friendship University of Russia. Driven by knowledge appetite, I decided to intern in Lebanese hospitals for a year before receiving the Lebanese Medical Accreditation Certificate (Colloquium). Later to that, I worked for 2 years as a General Practitioner (GP) in Lebanon before realizing how passionate I am about skin and helping people learn more about it. In 2019 I decided to follow my passion and that led me back to Moscow where I am currently pursuing my speciality as a Dermatologist. I also have a degree in cosmetology and cosmetics and currently working as a Medical Cosmetologist in Moscow as well as advising patients online from all over the world on their skin care and hair care routine. Skin care and beauty are where I belong, I passionately enjoy helping people with their skin and help them have and learn everything they need to have a healthier skin, hair, and health in general.