Having a newborn can be stressful especially if you have a lot of questions that you need answers on. ​

I guide you in this consultation on how to take better care of your baby’s skin.

I will also help you choose the right skincare products for your baby.

Get to know your baby’s skin with me, BOOK your session Now!

Disclaimer: This session isn’t a medical consultation, the purpose of this session is to help you understand your baby’s skin more and learn how to properly take care of it and which products to choose for your baby’s delicate skin.

If your baby suffers from any skin diseases please consult a dermatologist in your country of residence.

“ Soft and nourished skin ”




General rules of taking care of your newborn’s skin


I will recommend all the skincare products you need to take care of your baby’s skin


Everything you need to know about how to properly and safely bathe your baby


Tips on how to take care of your baby’s diaper area

Q & A

I will answer all your questions regarding your baby’s skin and clear out many myths.


First, thank you for really taking your time to listen carefully to everything I had to say and for all the detailed explanation you gave regarding the products, their ingredients, and how to use them! I am so excited to start with my routine! I love taking care of my skin, and you made me love it even more! I can’t wait to see results! Plus, I can’t believe I’ve been washing my hair incorrectly for 27 years!!! Thanks for the tricks you shared when it comes to hair routine! Will definitely keep you updated with the results, and I have no doubt that I will be more than satisfied!

Rachelle G.

A one hour of informative beneficial tips for skin and hair with a helpful and kind doctor. I enjoyed the time and didn’t regret taking the appointment, and now super excited to start my skin care routine

Fatima H.

My experience with Dr. Diana has been amazing. She is a true expert in her field and well informed up to date. Dr. Diana works really hard to create the best skin and hair care routine, and she is very patient and takes the time to ask and explain everything in details. Being a chemist, I was very impressed to know that she literally investigates all the active chemical ingredients for every skincare product that she recommends instead of just following trendy giant brands. This absolutely reflects how honest, professional and competent she is. And guess what? Don’t think that the discussion about skin and hair ends up after the consultation is done. Dr. Diana is a very caring person and she keeps following up with me to check how my skin and hair are doing, and she keeps me motivated to take care of myself to live a happy and healthy life. This shows that she is truly dedicated to her work and she enjoys working in her field. And last but not least, I really liked how cheerful and spontaneous she is, I can talk to her freely and ask all my questions. Couldn’t be more satisfied! Thank you so much Dr. Diana.

Malak D.

I started really taking care of my skin the moment I met Dr Diana on Instagram. She made me fall in love again with my skin and enjoy the glow that comes naturally just by following an appropriate skin care routine especially that I am type 1 diabetic and caring for my skin is a must .She has also taught me lots of stuff that I didn’t know about my hair and that hair products are not to be focused on rather the way we treat our hair. Glad I came across her page and I’m in safe hands now .

Christelle H.

I’ve been to numerous dermatologists but never have I ever left any consultation feeling as confident and relieved as I do now! Thank you Dr Diana for being so approachable, patient and taking your time, explaining everything, giving detailed answers and addressing all of my concerns. I would definitely recommend you and I can’t wait to start my skincare and haircare routine!

Sarah M.

Doctor Diana was amazing in everything explaining and taking her time and she was supportive and not making me feel guilty. I’ve never felt comfortable talking to doctors as her and its the first time that I feel comfortable with myself knowing my skin and hair care routine if it was not for doctor Diana. Thank you for giving me your time and I highly recommend her, I don’t think I am gonna consult any dermatologist other than her. Can’t wait to start with my routine

Dalia S.

Dr. Diana is very professional, organized and to the point. She made sure to address all my skin concerns and answer all my questions. She also made sure I understood what each product in my skin care routine is supposed to help with. I’m very happy I decided to book a consultation with her.

Lina N.

Thank you so much for your time and care ! You make skin routine so easy , fun and interesting . Can’t wait to start using the products you specifically studied from A to Z to make each of your patient look flawless . I am so excited to start my new cosmetic journey with you by my side

Mayssaa Kh.

No one dermatologist give me such encouragement and support to take care of my skin and my hair Dr diana you are sooo amazing and special I’m satisfied with your consultation and very excited to start my skincare journey Thank you so much for you

Zahraa K.

Our online consultation with Dr. Diana was just perfect, it was for me & my 10 year old daughter, my daughter was a bit nervous & didn’t know what to expect but Dr. Diana explained everything to her in a very simple and easy way now she is so excited to start her own routine. For me I just couldn’t find a routine to follow & with hundreds of brands out there makes things even harder & more confusing, Dr. Diana made it easy after some Q&A she understood what I really needed & suggested the skin care routine for me the brands accordingly as well as the way to use each product, can’t wait to start & I’m sure the results will be amazing. Thanks Dr. Diana


Dr diana… you’re amazing ! she is very well informed, up to date, easy and fun to communicate with ! She gave me alot of info and advice on what to do and how to take good care of my skin and hair ! i look forward to start my new skin care routine PS: she is also friendly and upbeat! Book your consultation with her and you won’t regret it

Farah A.

I’ve been to numerous dermatologists but never have I ever left any consultation feeling as confident and relieved as I do now! Thank you Dr Diana for being so approachable, patient and taking your time, explaining everything, giving detailed answers and addressing all of my concerns. I would definitely recommend you and I can’t wait to start my skincare and haircare routine!

Sarah M.

I never knew that skin care consultations could be this good! I enjoyed all the questions asked by Dr. Diana as well as the recommendations she gave me that showed how much she knows what she is talking about and gives the perfect advice. I loved it and for sure I will have constant consultations and recommend Dr. Diana to all my friends and family.

Tamara S.

When i first heard about online consultation i was hesitating … Then i was convinced through the tips and the posts that Dr Diana will create a great skincare routine for me ! Her approach was very professional and her scientific background is obviously rich ! The first time i feel convinced about a skincare routine ! Thank you so muchhh can’t wait to see the results !

Nawal B.

I like the online consultation with doctor Diana, she is very professional and specific. She does not prescribe so many products causing the patient to become overwhelmed. Her skin care routine is iindividualised and the products are available and affordable. Looking forward for the results

Carla M.

A skin and hair savior consultation. A must for every girl! You’ll be amazed to discover how far the commercial world has taken it and made us think we need all these products! Dr. Mezher, is knowledgeable and passionate about her work and her friendly and patient and welcoming approach makes the whole experience so worth it. Am so excited to start my new healthy daily skin hair routine. And I feel the glow already! 

Dima A.


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3. Charges can be paid through Western Union from anywhere in the world. People living in UAE & Qatar, can pay through a bank transaction.


Skincare: $75.00 in dollars only.

Haircare: $75.00 in dollars only.

Skincare + Haircare: $120.00 in dollars only.